AP&T: Optimizing existing press-hardening lines can shorten cycle times by 20% AP&T:优化现有的热成形生产线可以将节拍时间缩短20%

How can you get the most out of an existing press-hardening line? AP&T’s analysis gives the answer, often showing that there is significant potential to shorten cycle times and increase production.

如何充分提高现有的热成形生产线的产能?AP&T 分析:现有生产线通常在缩短节拍时间和提高产量方面存在巨大潜力。

It’s not uncommon that we conclude that cycle times can be reduced by about 20% or more,” says Jan Larsson, experienced press-hardening expert and currently responsible for developing AP&T’s aftermarket business.

“将节拍时间减少约20%或更多,这并不罕见。” AP&T 负责售后业务开发的热冲压专家Jan Larsson说道。

So how do customers go about discovering how great the potential is and what they need to do to harness it?


The first step is for us to provide the customer with a form in which they detail what products they manufacture in the line. Following this, we add detailed machine data and compare various simulations. The results of the analysis show how much volume could be produced during a particular period if the line were optimized and its full potential harnessed,” says Larsson.

“第一步客户要在我们给他的表格中详细说明他们在生产线上所生产的产品。然后,我们再添加精确的设备数据进行比较和模拟。分析结果表明,如果生产线得到优化并充分发挥其潜力,就可在特定时期内生产多少产品。” Larsson说。

Though the greatest benefits are seen in revenues, optimization also enables lower costs per produced unit, such as through improved energy efficiency.


The more units that can be manufactured within a certain time frame, the lower the energy consumption per unit, as idle time is minimized.”


The analysis encompasses all aspects of the press-hardening process and all its technology.


AP&T possesses in-depth knowledge of not only heat treatment, but also of machines. It gives us a holistic view that enables us to identify with great precision where the greatest potential improvements lie and thus, what further efforts should focus on. Sometimes, the process can be optimized without investing in new technology, but it can also sometimes be justified to upgrade your machinery or switch out the control system.”


The potential increase in production translated into actual figures shows how profitable the proposed measures will be. The calculation is also the starting point for choosing a payment model, which can be adapted to the customer’s needs and wishes.


One option is to integrate optimization efforts into what is known as an availability agreement at a fixed monthly rate. You can also choose to pay based on performance, a certain amount per press cycle, for instance. But our main track means that both parties benefit from the added value optimization gives. Should we not be able to identify any improvement potential whatsoever, we will not charge for our analysis. It’s a model that everyone benefits from,” says Larsson.

“一种选择是签署按固定月费率支付的可用性协议,包含优化工作;另一种是根据性能支付,例如,每个冲压行程支付一定金额。主要目的是双方都从优化带来的附加值中受益,如果AP&T无法确定任何改进潜力,将不会对分析报告收费。这是一个双方受益的模式。” Larsson说。

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Stellantis) is one of the customers who has increased their productivity by allowing AP&T to optimize the company’s press-hardening lines. For more on this collaboration, see:


菲亚特克莱斯勒汽车公司(Stellantis)便是选择AP&T 优化其热成形生产线而提高生产率的客户之一。有关此合作的详细信息,请参阅:菲亚特克莱斯勒汽车公司

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