Epiroc to relocate operations from Japan to China / 瑞典安百拓集团将把日本工厂搬到中国南京

Epiroc to relocate operations from Japan to China

​​​​Stockholm, Sweden: Epiroc, a leading productivity and sustainability partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, will relocate the production and development of drill rigs for surface construction from Japan to its facility in Nanjing, China. The production facility in Yokohama, Japan, has been sold and will be closed.  Epiroc’s customer center will be relocated in the Yokohama area to keep supporting customers in Japan with product and application know-how as well as to provide overhauls, rebuilds, and upgrades of their existing fleets.

In Nanjing, the manufacturing will benefit from larger-scale production, sourcing, and logistics infrastructure, which will increase efficiency. The Yokohama production facility, with about 50 employees, will be closed by mid-2023.

“We continuously strive to increase operational excellence, and this move will improve our long-term competitiveness and agility,” says Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s President and CEO. “Our facility in Nanjing provides clear benefits with its significant infrastructure for production, sourcing, and logistics. We are saddened that this will affect some of our colleagues in Japan.”

The production and development that will be relocated is part of Epiroc’s PowerROC range of equipment used for drill and blast applications in construction, such as the PowerROC T25 surface drill rig.

The net effect on operating profit from the sale of the property and the restructuring cost will be positive with approximately MSEK 250. It will be reported in the second quarter 2022.




“我们将不断努力持续追求卓越运营,此举将提高我们的长期竞争力和敏捷性,” 安百拓集团总裁兼首席执行官Helena Hedblom表示,“我们南京工厂拥有重要的生产、采购和物流基础设施等明显的优势,我们也对此次转移受到影响的日本同事感到遗憾。”

获悉,此次从日本转移的生产线主要用于露天市场的PowerROC系列钻爆设备,如PowerROC T25露天钻机。此次搬迁出售资产及重组成本对安百拓营业利润的净影响约为正2.5亿瑞典克朗,安百拓日本客户中心将搬迁至横滨其他地区,继续为日本的客户提供产品设备及大修和升级等支持与服务。

“此次生产线搬迁,将丰富安百拓中国市场的产品线组合,同时能够提高安百拓南京工厂的生产能力,让我们可以更好地为中国市场客户提供优质的服务。未来,我们将持续扎根中国,深耕中国市场,与中国合作伙伴同心同行。”安百拓露天事业部总裁Jose Sanchez说道。

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