2022 New SwedCham Network Groups: Net Zero & E-Commerce

2022 New SwedCham Network Groups: Net Zero & E-Commerce

SwedCham Network Groups are platforms for networking where members from different companies meet and find new ways to learn, improve, or get inspired. The groups offer an opportunity for members to meet and discuss common areas of interest, share experiences as well as listen to relevant speakers for inspiration. Networks can be organized around horizontal (function-specific) or vertical (industry-specific) lines. Network members are given priority to Executive Dialogues and Workshops in their field of interest.

The Executive (CEO), HR, and Food Industry networks have expanded their impact across the country over the past few years. However, SwedCham never settles. We aim to make the networking platform further comprehensive in the future, and hereby present you with the new network groups: Net Zero & E-Commerce 

Net Zero Network

NET ZERO NETWORK is a new initiative for companies with net zero ambitions to share their needs, ideas and solutions – working together to help all Swedish companies in China become carbon neutral.


The transformation to a net zero carbon economy is achievable and has already begun. Through the 2015 Paris Agreement, world governments committed to limiting global temperature well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C. In 2020, China announced their targets to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by


The initiative for Net Zero Network aims to gather Swedish companies and climate change believers with net zero ambitions to share their needs, experience, ideas, and solutions on this topic. By working jointly, we can mobilize Swedish companies to take the lead on urgent climate action and sustainability in China and Globally.


Make Sweden the first ‘Net Zero Nation’ in China by helping all Swedish companies to become carbon neutral.

Making it happen by working together

We realise that this ambition is high, but the goal of becoming carbon neutral will be easier to reach by working together instead of every company working on their own. As this transition requires investment, talent, science based targets and frameworks, by bringing together Swedish companies with the same ambitions we can create a joint ‘Net Zero Program’ that benefits all participants. Now is the moment for ambition, cooperation and leadership.

Possible topics

  • News, insights and updates on net zero regulations in China
  • Discussions on net zero development
  • Promotion of best practice in emissions reductions and net zero solutions in China
  • How to attract talent and engage the next generation
  • Swedish Net Zero Co-Investment Fund
  • and more…

Possible format Bringing together experts, forerunners and enthusiasts for win-win and circular discussions through:

  • Network Seminars/Webinars
  • Network Wechat group
  • Joint “Net Zero Program”

Your interest, needs & wants

But before deciding on anything we would like to hear from you. If your company is interested to join the Net Zero Network, please fill in the questionnaire below so we can align our agenda with your company needs and wants:

Begin Survey Now



This platform allows members to learn and discuss e-commerce related matters in China. The purpose is to educate and share Chinese e-commerce experiences within Swedish companies and deep dive into various topics and hands-on challenges. Each meeting will focus on one key topic related to running a successful e-commerce business. We will also cover new opportunities and trends that will help Swedish brands to grow in China. We aim to keep the discussions informal and allow for interactive discussions between members.

Network Leaders

Helena Svensson, Empress Consulting

Simon Cai, Triple Digit


1 hour monthly seminars with various topics


Month 1 Topic: When, why, what e-commerce China? Get to know each other, 2-3 cases.

(January 19, 18:30-19:30).

Month 2 Topic: Livestreaming (brand story, in store sessions, Employees/3rd parties),

KOL/KOC (how to identify the right one? How did your company choose, Douyin, Kuaishou)

Month 3 Topic: Store/Product pages design (Tmall, JD.com, how to convince HQ about


Month 4 Topic: E-commerce Packaging (sourcing labels/boxes, content specific for China,

sustainable packaging)

Month 5 Topic: Logistics (warehouse, delivery to China, Last mile delivery, returns)

Month 6 Topic: Part one: Big sales campaigns (618, Double 11, how to prepare, what to

expect, discounts how much? how to monitor)

Month 7 Topic: DeWu

Month 8 Topic: Tmall Global (Cainiao, specific cases)

Month 9 Topic: New retail (Hema, look now, in store livestreaming, integration online/offline,

pop-up store)

Month 10 Topic: B2B e-commerce platforms

Month 11 Topic: Part two: How to evaluate Big sales campaigns (benchmark competitors

performance, big data)

Month 12 Topic: Strengthen Swedish brands for Chinese consumers (CSR, sustainability,

consumer behaviour, Gen Z, Second hand, invite guest speaker (Josh Shen)).

Month 13 Topic: Compliance (Trademark,marketing, packaging, importing)


Conclusion report after each meeting that can be posted and shared on Swedcham’s

marketing channels. Presentations will also be shared.

How to Join?

General requirements:

  • Employed at Member company
  • Regular attendance
  • Active contribution
  • Group-specific criteria (see here)


If you want to join SwedCham network groups, feel free to reach out to us by email: jaycee@swedcham.cn or ida@swedcham.cn. You can also contact the network leaders directly (see here). Do remember to mention the things as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Position/title
  • Your WeChat ID
  • Which network group or groups you’d like to join?
  • How would you like to contribute to the group?

Last but not least, please start the email subject with「Networkgroup」in order to let us notice your application faster.


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