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The global demand for heat exchangers for heat pumps and refrigerating systems is rapidly growing. For AP&T, this entails increased demand for turnkey production lines for manufacturing heat exchanger plates. Among Part of these lines is AP&T’s servohydraulic press, which consumes up to 70 percent less energy than conventional hydraulic presses.



The low energy consumption of our servohydraulic press makes it a highly interesting option for manufacturers of heat exchanger plates, not only financially, but environmentally,” says Mikael Karlsson, AP&T’s Product Manager of Presses.

AP&T压机产品经理Mikael Karlsson表示:我们伺服液压机的低能耗,在经济和环境上展现的优势,使其成为板式换热器片制造商极富吸引力的选择

Aside from having low energy consumption, the servohydraulic press is also considerably quieter. In addition, it only requires a tenth of the hydraulic oil needed by a conventional hydraulic press.



AP&T’s turnkey lines also include all the necessary equipment needed for e.g., coil feeding, stacking, destacking, straightening, cutting and embossing.


We deliver a complete, fully automated solution with well-proven standard components that are designed to work perfectly together, in all conditions. There is a high rate of production in this segment, and manufacturing often goes on 24/7. This makes great demands on operational reliability and machine availability.”


The majority of AP&T’s customers in this segment manufacture brazed heat exchanger plates. But the company also supplies equipment for producing large gasketed heat exchanger plates, which require considerably greater press force.

该细分市场的大多数AP&T客户都生产钎焊板式换热器片, 当然,AP&T还可提供生产大型可拆式板式换热器片的设备,其需要相当大的压机吨位。


We have been developing production solutions for all kinds of heat exchanger plates since the 1980s and have a broad, in-depth total offering. As One Responsible Partner® we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the right conditions for efficient production throughout the life cycle of the equipment. We do this through high-quality, energy-efficient products, optimized services and strong personal dedication,” says Karlsson.

“自20世纪80年代以来,我们一直在开发各种板式换热器片的生产解决方案,并提供广泛、深入的全面服务。作为可靠的合作伙伴,AP&T致力于在设备的整个生命周期内帮助客户实现高效生产,并通过高质量、节能产品、优化服务和专业的敬业精神来实现这一目标。” Karlsson说。

Facts 纪实

      Complete production lines for brazed or gasketed heat exchanger plates.


      The concept, based on well-proven standard modules, provides high availability.


      Process with short cycle times, effective utilization of materials and high repeat accuracy.


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