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The Swedish Young Professionals in China is the youth committee of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China. We focus on connecting young talented individuals, with companies in Shanghai and Beijing through a range of activities such as company visits, midsummer parties, and inspiring seminars.

We try to provide our members with the perfect balance of social networking and business interests. Whether you are a newcomer to our community, or a full-fledged China veteran, we would like to invite you to come hang with out with us and our fellow Swedes, as well as the many Sweden-enthusiasts that tread the streets of China!

If you are looking for new opportunities within the Swedish business community, we encourage you to take a look at our Career Portal, the perfect up to date tool for you when on the job hunt.

A membership to the Young Professionals in China is completely free of charge; all you need to do is register to our website in order to start receiving updates from us.


Shanghai Board


Anders Wall Scholarship Holder, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, Shanghai

Sofia received Anders Wall Scholarship in March 2017 for her knowledge and commitment within digitization and marketing. She studied economics and business administration at Uppsala University and additionally marketing and social anthropology at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. In 2015 she founded the consulting firm Handelsforskarna i Borås AB to help organizations understand the rapid digitization climate. Since 2016 she also works for developing their digital marketing channels. 



Igor Pastuhovic
Board Director
Kjell & Company

Eight years of hard work at Kjell & Company finally landed Igor the executive responsibility for the company’s Shanghai based sourcing office in 2015. He has been a board member of YP since. What he doesn’t hold in credits and acronyms from well renowned educational institutions he makes up for with determination and an uncanny can-do mindset. 




Filippa bätjer
Board Director
Student in International Business, Donghua University

With more than five years of experience in the field of sales and service, Filippa is currently in Shanghai pursuing her Bachelor degree in International Business and Economics. During the studies Filippa has been awarded with the University's self-sponsored outstanding scholarship for academic excellence and her commitment to improve and develop has made her a leader for the University's student association. 


Board Director
Communication Business Partner
IKEA Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Josefine have her background in Swedish NGOs and have a great passion in developing and inspiring people trough communication. She want live and breathe what she do and her leadership experiences have involved a lot of public speaking, both as an educator and as a facilitator. When not working, she listening to tech podcasts, mingle and watching Swedish crime series.


Olivia Henriksson
Board Director
Grow HR

After more than one and a half decade of studies Olivia recently graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a Master degree in International Business and initiated her professional career. Nonetheless she is, in between chopstick trainings and attempts to adapt to the Chinese mobile-first era, secretly musing the thought of finishing her PhD before reaching 30.

Beijing Board


CEO Efficiency Matters


Max first came to China 6 six yeas ago, as a corporate consultant focusing on operations management and HR process optimization. Today he has his own consulting firm, Efficiency Matters, which mainly work with Chinese SME’s to improve their efficiency and create a better work environment. Max joined the Swedish Young Professionals team in 2016, and has been the Chairman since early 2018. One of his goals as Chairman is to create a strong platform where young Swedes can interact and grow their professional and social network.



Board Director
PR & Marketing 

In 2017 Errol moved from Stockholm to Beijing for love and has since then taken an interest in Chinese culture and lifestyle. He got a degree in Political Science from Uppsala University and previously studied at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Karolinska Institute. Errol has been doing PR-consulting work for companies in the Luxury Fashion and Car industry. He's a fast learner, after just a few months of Chinese classes he can now have basic conversations with locals.




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