Tip of the Week – Re-use grocery bags

Get on board with our Plastic Free Challenge and say no to Plastic Waste! 🚫 Tip of the Week – When you receive plastic bags from the grocery store or other shopping, an easy way to re-use these bags is for trash cans. In doing so, the plastic bag will normally be burned up at facilities made to filter the toxic gases produced. You also decrease the demand for waste-specific plastic bags. #PlasticFree #SwedCham20

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Sandvik has implemented a sustainable development strategy in both product, service and business activities

Nearly one third of the plastic packaging used escapes collection systems, which means that it ends up clogging city streets and polluting the natural environment. Sandvik strives to minimize its environmental footprint, and here you can learn about a few of our environmental initiatives

#世界环境日#作为“全球可持续发展企业100强”上榜企业, 山特维克在产品和服务、经营活动两大方面,将可持续发展战略贯彻到底,在和塑料垃圾的对战中,采用减少使用、重复使用和回收利用三大招,取得不俗的表现。在中国,早在3年前,山特维克中国便开始启动一项在办公场所避免使用瓶装水的计划,用可重复使用的茶…

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Tip of the Week – #Strawless

Join our Plastic Free Challenge and say no to Plastic Waste 🚫 Tip of the Week: It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to degrade, and yet it will never be fully off the earth. Thus – skip the straw when you can and encourage restaurants to use non-plastic straws. At onelessstraw.org, you can take a pledge and receive a fully reusable glass-straw for free! #PlasticFree #SwedCham20

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