BJ: How to optimise your WeChat content

Since the release of WeChat in January 2011 the number of active user accounts now exceed 1.06 billion private accounts and 14 million corporate accounts (as of Q2, 2018). With 902 million daily users who spend on average 40+ minutes in the app, WeChat marketing offers a powerful way to interact and engage with the Chinese consumer.

But how to use WeChat in the best way for your business? We invited Johan Olausson from Bamboo Consulting for a workshop in Beijing to give us an update on how to optimise your WeChat content, the best tools for segmentation and lead generation and recent trends within WeChat marketing.

The most efficient way of WeChat Promotion is Offline to Online, both in terms of impact and cost-efficiency. The key is to promote events on WeChat and build a buzz, so it is important to always remember to put your WeChat QR code on roll-ups and event collateral“, said Olausson during the workshop.

Using Influencers or KOLs in China is common practice, especially within B2C and products within lifestyle, fashion, beauty etc. But there are a lot of different channels for your WeChat Promotion such as industry associations, interest groups, Government associations etc. Another recommendation is to promote on channels such as Jinri Toutiao (今日头条) which is a popular news and content aggregator, using AI for tailored news feeds. As of June 2018 the app has 268 million daily active users and growing.

One trend think that Olausson mentions as growing is the usage of chatbots including; Pre-sales Mini-bots, Welcome-bots, Support-Bots, FAQ-Bots etc. WeChat has had a bot platform since 2013 and it is actually on WeChat where the phenomenon with chat bots started. WeChat bots work by identifying keywords in text strings and using hand-coded rules for how to respond to different situations. Although bots are gradually learning to understand customer requests, they still text back only pre-set responses. Unfortunately, they still cannot give very complex answers to highly specific questions.


6 Practical Tips & Tricks

- Post timing: No strict “rules” for publishing time. Anytime between 10AM to 5PM for B2B WeChats. And 10AM to 8PM for B2C WeChats

- Color palette: No more than 3 per post. Keep consistency with Company guidelines and colors in images used in the article.

- Images and video:spread images so there is one only on the screen unless you scroll down/up. One video per post, use Tencent QQ Video.

- Length of posts: Depends on the content type. Generally longer article like 300-500 CH characters (Up to 400-500 EN words) for technical/professional content. Around 1,000-1,500 CH characters for softer, more general content like people stories.

– Articles per post: Aim for 2-3 article, the top article usually gets higher PV compared to the rest. 

– Post design interfaces: There are different 3rd party layout solutions. The most user-friendly are 96weixin and Xiumi.

BJ: Swedish After Work together with Stey

Together is better” was the key message when Stey, White Peak’s new solution to urban living, opened up their doors for a unique first hand look during the Swedish After Work in Beijing last Friday. Stey has partnered up with the team behind Singapore’s CreatureS to launch the brand-new gourmet experience “Tease by CreatureS”, and offered tasty bits from their new menu and had two bartenders on site from their “La Bar Atory” who created some of their signature cocktails.

Stey is offering a modern urban professionals a smarter, digitally integrated way of living and provides community-based serviced apartments and aims to make long term renting much more flexible by giving long-term tenants the option to re-rent in their absence. Stey will be launched officially in mid December, and will be open also for non tenants through Tease by CreatureS and La Bar Atory on Stey’s ground level.

Are you interested in co-organizing the next Swedish After Work with us? Send an e-mail to either or, and we will get back to you with more information.





Sustainability with IKEA – Summary

IKEA is taking bolder actions to address some of the most urgent challenges linked to climate change, unsustainable consumption and inequality. Last week their Sustainability Manager for APAC Distribution Services, Josh Zhou, presented the global IKEA sustainability strategy for a full house at @D.O.C in Shanghai.

IKEA will continue to have strong focus on collaboration and co-creation in their “People and Planet Positive”-approach. Their 2030 commitment includes circular services, sustainable living labs, home solar and the roll out of LIVE LAGOM.

Fun fact: Did you know that their TOMAT spray bottle is made out of 25 % recycled content of which 10 % is internal waste?

@IKEA has a bold ambition – by 2020 all single use plastic products such as straws will be removed from restaurants.



Thank you @IKEA for presenting at our event and for helping us raise awareness about our NoPlastic! campaign.

Is your company interested to take up the SwedCham NoPlastic! challenge? Click here for more information.

SwedCham 20 years – the Great Gatsby Gala

Last Saturday SwedCham celebrated 20 years in business with a Great Gatsby Gala at the Wanda Vista Hotel in Beijing. Since the start in 1998 with only 30 companies, SwedCham has grown into a community and a network, rich of the common expertise of close to 300 companies. Together with 200+ guests, we celebrated the achievements of the past with a exhibition of 20 stars that has contributed a little extra to the Chamber, and a bright future; enabled through the strong, dynamic and rich network, inspiring and close cooperation with other Chambers in the region as well as within the Team Sweden cooperation.

The gala was led by the Swedish journalist and tv-personality Ebba Kleberg Von Sydow, who welcomed the guests and spoke of her impressions of the vibrant Beijing and SwedCham’s accomplishments during the last 20 years. “Only 20 years old?” Ebba stated, comparing SwedCham’s development with Warren Buffets’ who 20 years ago still was a salesman I Omaha, same goes for Hilary Clinton who was about to finish law school and Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos who still was flipping burgers McDonalds.

To make the gala night extra special we were also joined by Swedish chef Benny Adler who created an exquisite Swedish Gala menu that was served at the Gala. Benny Adler is currently the head chef at our member company and Purveyor to the Court, Rosers Hotel & Events and has previously been responsible for the menu at the Swedish King’s 70th birthday, as well as the Swedish Pavilion at the Olympic Games in South Korea last winter. During the evening the guests could also enjoy beer from the Beijing based Swedish micro-brewery Arrow Factory as well as chilled drinks in an Absolute Vodka bar.

Birthday wishes and a positive vision for the future of SwedCham and future cooperation was presented from the speakers of the evening; Lars-Åke Severin, Chairman of the Swedish Chamber in China, The Ambassador of Sweden to China and Mongolia, Anna Lindstedt, Kristian Odebjer, Chairman of the Swedish Chamber in Hong Kong, David Hallgren, Trade Commissionaire of Sweden and through a sketch from Mats Harborn, President of the European Chamber of Commerce, together with Tommy Liu and Rolf Gren, founding fathers of the Chamber.

Every year the Chamber awards two people who have contributed a little extra to the Chamber. This year Birgitta Ed was awarded with the Chamber’s Honorary Award, and Michelle Qin was awarded as the Young Professional of the year. In her speech, Michelle spoke of the digital development that China has gone through and how Swedish brands can be agile and adapt in this fast moving pace. “In only a few weeks, Alibaba will kick off the famous single day’s event and it is only 10 years ago that the mega shopping day phenomena first started“, speaking of the necessity to keep up with current trends and sharing experiences amongst professionals.

In only a few weeks, Alibaba will kick off the famous single day’s event and it is only 10 years ago that the mega shopping day phenomena first started” – Michelle Qin

A lot of prestigious entertainment entertained the guests during the gala night; saxophone music during the mingle, close up and stage magic from Rock the magician, a surprise flash mob from award winning Swedish swing dance group the Harlem Hot Shots and Swedish swing and jazz legendries’ Movits! who jazzed it up on the dance floor.

During the mingle Rock the magician handed out golden tickets to some guests that had the opportunity to be a part of The Great Gatsby Raffle and win fantastic prices, sponsored by our member companies. Prices included two free participations in the 17th edition of Vasaloppet China sponsored by Nordic Ways and ping pong blades from Stiga Sports signed by legendary J-O Waldner, Kong Linghui, Malong, Xu xin, Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Chen Meng and Zhu Yuling, limited Edition Karl Lagerfeldt champagne glasses from New Wave Group, free floats at the exquisite spa Floatasian in Shanghai and free hotel nights at Wanda Vista Beijing. 

The celebration would not have been made possible without our Dragon Partners; Volvo Cars, Mannheimer Swartling, Syntronic, Atlas Copco, Finnair, Volvo Group and Handelsbanken. The gala was also sponsored by our Platinum Sponsors; SEB, PSU Consulting and Celemi, as well as our Diamond Sponsors; Rosers Hotel & Event, Danske Bank%

BJ: Swedish After Work together with Ericsson

BJ: Last Friday we organised our monthly Swedish After Work together with Ericsson at Migas Mercado’s roof top terrace in Beijing. Almost 40 guests listened to Per Hoffman, VP and Head of Legal Affairs, Compliance and Sourcing at Ericsson North East Asia, who gave us an update on how Ericsson is taking 5G out of the lab and into a real-world mobile network environment.

5G promises to deliver very high data speeds, extreme low latency, ultra-high reliability, energy efficiency and extreme device densities, which will be realised by the development of LTE in combination with new radio-access technologies. Click here to read more about Ericsson’s transition from 4G to 5G.

Stay tuned for our next Swedish After Work together with White Peak in November. The Swedish After Work in October will be replaced by our upcoming Great Gatsby Gala, when we celebrate 20 years in business on October 20.

SH: Executive Dialogue – Swedish Company Culture in China

SH: During last week’s Executive Dialogue we discussed how to utilize Swedish company culture and values within organizations that consist mainly of local employees. Is it possible to combine best practices of Swedish corporate values with the advantages of Chinese working culture? Some key takeaways from the dialogue were:

1) Even though the company culture may origin from grassroot-level, Management play a key part in leading by example.
2) Can you really “teach” culture or can you only influence by letting employees actually experience the culture?
3) Some of the participants found financial drivers still to be important incentives for many Chinese employees, but “Nordic” values especially linked to work-life balance become more important.



BJ: 300+ professionals mingled during the All Chamber-Networking in Beijing

Erika Staffas and Jaycee Yang from SwedCham’s Beijing office

BJ: Yesterday we kick-started the fall with an All Chamber-Networking with 16 other Chambers and 300 professionals at Mariott Northeast in Beijing. We were happy to see so many old and new friends gathered at one place after the summer break. Next social gathering will take place already this Friday in Shanghai where we organise a Nordic Welcome Back After Work on August 29, and on September 21 in Beijing when we co-organize our monthly Swedish After Work with Ericsson.

We arrange all of our Swedish After Works together with a member company, offering the company an opportunity to present their company or news from their industry, as well as a chance to gather the Sino-Swedish network for mingle and drinks in a relaxed setting. In Beijing we have our Swedish After Works on the third Friday of every month, and in Shanghai it is on the second Friday of every month. Hope to see you, your friends and colleagues at our next Swedish After Work.

BJ: Congratulations to our Young Emerging Leaders

Beijing, July 20, 2018 | During the spring SwedCham Beijing has had the honor to provide a leadership training for Young Emerging Leaders working at our member companies. Last Friday we organised a graduation ceremony after a session about result oriented management that concluded the training.


The leadership training targeted emerging or middle management Chinese leaders, who have met six times during the spring with an instructor to learn and practice how to work and lead efficiently in an international organisation. Topics have ranged from time management, strategic thinking, problem solving etc.


If you want to learn more about management and leader skills, it will soon be possible to sign up for the next Emerging Leaders course that will be held this autumn. To not miss any information about the training and other upcoming events – don’t forget to sign up for out newsletter.

BJ: Learning about how to save lives during sold out First-Aid training

Beijing, July 12, 2018 I Our sold out First-Aid training, co-organized with our our member company Euro-Center, was held this Thursday. The training was followed by a speech from Doctor Zhang Libo, a renowned expert within Chinese medicin, on how to prevent and deal with the new common office disease ervical spondylosis (颈椎病).

SwedCham has co-organized First-Aid trainings with Euro-Center since 2014 in order to raise awareness and knowledge of how to implement a response in case of a life threatening medical incident. This year, the participants also had the opportunity to talk to Doctor Zhang about their office related health issues. Doctor Zhang also presented many hands-on methods that potentially could help the participants in their daily work life.

Because of the great interest in this topic, SwedCham Beijing will arrange yet another training session with Euro-Center and Doctor Zhang this autumn. Looking forward to seeing you there!

BJ: Watch the video from the 1st Annual Nordic Dragon Boat Tournament 2018

Beijing, July 13 2018 I In Beijing we kick started the summer with the 1st Annual Nordic Dragon Boat Tournament 2018. The tournament was organized together with the DCCC, FBC and NBA and a total of 15 excited teams participated.

The Nordic Dragon Boat tournament is the biggest Nordic collaborative event of the year with ca 250 cheerers and participants and many opportunities for the participants to learn more about both Scandinavian and Chinese culture. Amongst other things the guests could enjoy a Scandinavian breakfast buffet with contributions from Fika Fika, Danish bakery Gertz, Arla and Radisson Blu and an energetic warm up session where Swedish Heyrobics kicked of the competition with some Swedish “gympa“.

Now we would like to present a little summer gift, the official movie from the tournament, from us to you. You can find it on both Tencent and Youtube. See you next year!

Click here to watch the movie!