How To Share Your Company News On SwedCham Bulletin Board

Dear member,

We are happy to share with you below instructions on how to publish your company news on Member Bulletin Boards here on our homepage

This new feature on our home page is there to enable our members to share relevant information on their company and its activities.

We hope you will find this useful.

Best regards,

Your SwedCham China team


Step 1: 

Please click on :, then go to Login on the menu top right

Step 2: 

Once in the account, the My Account information comes up

Step 3: 

The Member Bulletin-link is only shown to Primary Members.

Once one clicks on Bulletin Board Dashboard, its possible to put up a post


Step 4:

One can also see previous postings and the status of them

Step 5

Once the Posting have been approved by Swedcham, and the status is Published, then it will be shown on the first page of our homepage under Bulletin Board for Members

Step 6

Once on the actual page of the post, the name of the company as well as the logo will come up automatically as it comes from EventBank

Step 7

On the overview pages it looks like this

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