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SwedCham Strategy Day 2019


On October 12th, SwedCham had a successful Strategy Day on a theme of Innovation with 19 participants from the mainboard, Beijing& Shanghai Chapter Boards and SwedCham office team Beijing and Shanghai. The chairman Lars-Åke 林奇辉 Severin warmly welcomed all the participants and General Manager Daniela L-V Cassmer introduced the aim of the day is to offer a great opportunity to get to know each other better and also brainstorm as many creative ideas as we could as to layout the SwedCham Business Plan 2020. The area managers Hannes Hultman(SH) and Jaycee Yang (BJ) had the presentations covering their own areas and followed by an interactive lucky draw value voucher activity among main board members, 4 divided small group discussions and presentations on the most important strategic priorities. Ended with surprisingly fresh and delicious food by a Sushi chef, Daniela thanked all the participants for their precious time and contributions to the strategy day!

Shenzhen Nov.7: International Sustainability Conference in Guangdong 国际企业可持续发展广东论坛

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As a supporting partner, SwedCham is very happy to invite our members to the Third Annual International Sustainability Conference in Guangdong (ISCG2019). ISCG2019 creates a platform that connects like-minded professionals and organizations to promote responsible businesses and facilitates capacity-building partnerships and commercial opportunities that can generate shared value both in the GreaterBayArea and elsewhere.

SwedCham is looking for an intern with a passion for communication in Beijing & Shanghai

Swedcham Team, Business development China

Do you have a passion for business relations and want to develop your skills? We are now looking for 2 motivated interns to join SwedCham’s Beijing and Shanghai Office respectively during Spring 2020.

Please submit your cover letter and CV to Jaycee@Swedcham.cn for Beijing and hannes@swedcham.cn for Shanghai. Positions are filled continuously.

Workshop: Continuing Study Course in Swedish Language 瑞典语进阶班


On October 10th, we started a 12 weeks continuing course to the Swedish language by collaborating with Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) 北京外国语大学. The class is mixed with 8 new and old participants from our beginner courses both held in Spring this year and also even 7 years ago.

In this course, our participants will continue to learn to speak, read and write in Swedish, and practice conversation in everyday and workplace scenarios.

Sharp Talk: Breakfast Meeting With Eugenia Fabon Victorino, SEB’s Head Of Asia Strategy: One Step Up, Two Steps Back


In the morning of October 17th, 19 participants came to the Capital Club, where SwedCham had the pleasure to co-host this morning's SharpTalk breakfast together with SEB. Eugenia Fabon Victorino, SEB’s Head of Asia Strategy, was the keynote speaker on the theme of: One Step Up, Two Steps Back. Ms. Victorino really gave the audience in-depth and vivid insights on how China is coping with the challenging global environment and the trade conflict and what important things that CEOs should take into consideration when it comes to their Asia Strategy.

Swedish After Work With Beckers 瑞典蓓柯漆


30+ participants came to our After Work sponsored by Beckers in the evening of October 18th. By using colorful paints provided by Beckers Group the participants created their own unique patterns on miniature Volvo Cars models at Volvo Cars Experience Center! The famous Chinese influencer Tangcu was invited to share her knowledge and skills in using different colors to express your feelings. Tangcu, who has about 2 million followers on Douyin/ TikTok, impressed the participants that had great fun creating their own colorful cars!

Workshop: Business Speech, Reporting And Presentation (In Chinese/ 中文演讲)


On October 22nd, Mr. Cheng Song, Chef Consultant at Martinsen Group, led the participants a whole-day training on Business Speech, Reporting, and Presentation at the fancy Cophenhagen Fur Office in Beijing.

Upon completion of the business speech training and rounds of oral practices, the participants were able to differ the audience's preferences, communicate and control scenes more effective, and master the whole process of speech and its key points.

Sharp Talk: Panel Discussion - The Corporate Social Credit System


On October 23nd, co-organized by SwedCham, Danish Chamber of Commerce in China and ThinkChina, 60+ participants joined over the topic of the Corporate Social Credit System.

The panel consisted of Adam Dunnett, Secretary-General at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Joakim Abeleen, Head of Beijing Office at Business Sweden, Liam Z. Jia, Business Development Advisor at the EU SME Centre, Casper Wichmann 魏凯, ThinkChina.dk. The panelists shared their thoughts on the potential complications of the system, immediate actions to be taken and future business environment for foreign companies in China, possibility to share the data on one platform within all departments of Chinese government; how European and media think towards Corporate Social Credit System; bearing so-called "China Speed" in mind and following the constant development of the system; how much it might affect Chinese companies and SMEs.

Sharp Talk: Effectively Applying For Bona Fide Status And Business Visas To Sweden


On October 29th, we had a great pleasure again of having Anna Eriksson, counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden's Migration Section in Beijing, who gave us a yearly update of the application process for business visas to Sweden and bona fide status for companies in an effective way. Anna also mentions ed what is new with the revised visa code that enters into force in February 2020.

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