EF No Plastic! Initiative: On A Mission to Spread Educational Knowledge

Crawling ivy, hammock chairs, bamboo screens, bird nest work stations, the place has fully embodied “green innovation” with ingenious décor ideas. Stepping into EF’s office on Jiu An Plaza, you will wonder if you have fallen into a wonderland.

The underground lobby of EF’s office building

As a global education company, EF is on a mission to open the world through education. The knowledge they are spreading is more than just language and culture, but also about environmental awareness.

“Be consistent, start small and get your colleagues
involved through education.”
– Anna Karin Toren,
EF Wellness Director

EF joined SwedCham’s No Plastic! Challenge last year but their sustainability effort can be traced back before then. In 2017, they started to actively raise awareness and screened the documentary A Plastic Ocean to trigger more green thinking.

A Plastic Ocean (2013) directed by Craig Leeson, discovers a startling amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

In 2018 and 2019, EF took the chance to leverage Women’s Day to promote office sustainability: a little surprise give-away to their female employees in China with beautiful bamboo cutlery kits and a set of reusable metal straws to replace single-use plastic items.

EF have come up with more daily measures to minimise the non-reusable materials. They changed all hand soaps to eco&more essential oil based products, and hosted monthly refill events for employees, which largely reduced the plastic packages.

Water filters were installed on each floor so no more plastic barrels or plastic bottles will be in used for water consumption. You can even find a full-time a-yi bustling around the in-house kitchen to cook green and healthy food for EF employees.

EF has been dedicated to making a difference by letting people be more aware of the choices they make in their everyday life and sharing ideas on how to reduce environmental footprints.

Join our upcoming Sharp Talk – Sustainable Workplace held at EF headquarter, and have a tour around their green office to see what a No Plastic! worklife is like!

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