Ericsson’s No Plastic Initiative: “Start Small – Get Big Results”

As part of SwedCham’s No Plastic! challenge, we bring forward a participating company to showcase their plastic-free achievement. This month, we highlight Ericsson.

Did you know that Ericsson’s first business with China dates back to 1892? Ericsson built the connection with China over a century ago by shipping 2,000 phones to Shanghai. Today, Ericsson continues to be a trusted partner for China’s telecommunication industry and is committed to leveraging a circular and sustainable economy through a strong corporate culture.

Ericsson accepted SwedCham’s NoPlastic! challenge in 2018. This is how it all started:

Ericsson employees who bring their own cups receive discounts on beverages

First, they began with a voluntary program to reduce employee’s consumption of single-use plastics. Small discounts on beverages served in employees own cups was a well-received initiative. The next step was to replace plastic products with bio-degradable items in cafeterias, coffee shops and cleaning facilities.

Cedric Vanhaver, Internal Communication Lead of Ericsson China.

“The most important aspect is not to reduce the convenience to users.” – Cedric Vanhaver

According to Cedric, some companies may hesitate to do a plastic-free campaign of fear of receiving negative response. Ericsson has shown that small steps, not only can be well-received, but also have great impact. Here’s what they’ve achieved:

Big Results of Ericsson’s No Plastic:
·100% plastic bags used are biodegradable;
·23% of plastic garbage bags are reduced by sharing garbage bins among desks;
·All plastic stirring rods are eliminated.

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