BJ: Digital Transformation – the path to business value & competitiveness

BJ: Digitalization is no longer a matter for the IT department only. Business leaders of today need to understand the trends and impact of digitalisation, identify digital drivers that will bring the most value to their business and set a digital agenda prioritizing initiatives going forward. Still, 70 % of Swedish organisations have not yet adapted IoT.

In order to get more informed we invited Karoliina Callavik, co-founder of Cobel Sweden, a consultancy supporting companies in digital transformation to share intel on current trends and best practice.

It is no longer enough to throw the matter to the IT department – digitalization affects the entire organisation“, said Karoliina, emphasising the necessary to adapt – and to do it before it is too late. “Today we spend on average 7h/day with a screen. We require individual adaptation, speed, flexibility and transparency. And especially our millennials are value driven with a demand for sustainability.

Karoliinas three tips to to future-proof your organisation:

  1. Focus on the customer
    Everything starts from the customer. Today everyone talks about “customer centric” business instead of “customer focused” business. The customer today is well informed and has an advantage over the business. Keeping track of the “Customer Journey” is a hygiene factor.
  2. Change the mindset of the leadership
    The digital focus of the management is the starting point for the digital change journey. Management is responsible for adapting the overall strategy to the digital reality, to ensure that the business changes in pace with outside development and to develop the organization’s digital skills with related IT infrastructure and management.
  3. Just do it!
    It is crucial to understand the rapid development of the world and to work actively with idea management, innovation and agile development. Creating new business and delivery models using digital technology is the new way forward.

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