BJ: How to optimise your WeChat content

Since the release of WeChat in January 2011 the number of active user accounts now exceed 1.06 billion private accounts and 14 million corporate accounts (as of Q2, 2018). With 902 million daily users who spend on average 40+ minutes in the app, WeChat marketing offers a powerful way to interact and engage with the Chinese consumer.

But how to use WeChat in the best way for your business? We invited Johan Olausson from Bamboo Consulting for a workshop in Beijing to give us an update on how to optimise your WeChat content, the best tools for segmentation and lead generation and recent trends within WeChat marketing.

The most efficient way of WeChat Promotion is Offline to Online, both in terms of impact and cost-efficiency. The key is to promote events on WeChat and build a buzz, so it is important to always remember to put your WeChat QR code on roll-ups and event collateral“, said Olausson during the workshop.

Using Influencers or KOLs in China is common practice, especially within B2C and products within lifestyle, fashion, beauty etc. But there are a lot of different channels for your WeChat Promotion such as industry associations, interest groups, Government associations etc. Another recommendation is to promote on channels such as Jinri Toutiao (今日头条) which is a popular news and content aggregator, using AI for tailored news feeds. As of June 2018 the app has 268 million daily active users and growing.

One trend think that Olausson mentions as growing is the usage of chatbots including; Pre-sales Mini-bots, Welcome-bots, Support-Bots, FAQ-Bots etc. WeChat has had a bot platform since 2013 and it is actually on WeChat where the phenomenon with chat bots started. WeChat bots work by identifying keywords in text strings and using hand-coded rules for how to respond to different situations. Although bots are gradually learning to understand customer requests, they still text back only pre-set responses. Unfortunately, they still cannot give very complex answers to highly specific questions.


6 Practical Tips & Tricks

- Post timing: No strict “rules” for publishing time. Anytime between 10AM to 5PM for B2B WeChats. And 10AM to 8PM for B2C WeChats

- Color palette: No more than 3 per post. Keep consistency with Company guidelines and colors in images used in the article.

- Images and video:spread images so there is one only on the screen unless you scroll down/up. One video per post, use Tencent QQ Video.

- Length of posts: Depends on the content type. Generally longer article like 300-500 CH characters (Up to 400-500 EN words) for technical/professional content. Around 1,000-1,500 CH characters for softer, more general content like people stories.

– Articles per post: Aim for 2-3 article, the top article usually gets higher PV compared to the rest. 

– Post design interfaces: There are different 3rd party layout solutions. The most user-friendly are 96weixin and Xiumi.

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