BJ: Swedish After Work together with Ericsson

BJ: Last Friday we organised our monthly Swedish After Work together with Ericsson at Migas Mercado’s roof top terrace in Beijing. Almost 40 guests listened to Per Hoffman, VP and Head of Legal Affairs, Compliance and Sourcing at Ericsson North East Asia, who gave us an update on how Ericsson is taking 5G out of the lab and into a real-world mobile network environment.

5G promises to deliver very high data speeds, extreme low latency, ultra-high reliability, energy efficiency and extreme device densities, which will be realised by the development of LTE in combination with new radio-access technologies. Click here to read more about Ericsson’s transition from 4G to 5G.

Stay tuned for our next Swedish After Work together with White Peak in November. The Swedish After Work in October will be replaced by our upcoming Great Gatsby Gala, when we celebrate 20 years in business on October 20.

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