SSAB takes the next step towards being fossil-free

Sweden, June 20, 2018 | SSAB has together with LKAB and Vattenfall started a new joint venture, HYBRIT, that aims to replace coking coal with hydrogen. The result will be unique: the world’s first fossil-free steel-making technology, with virtually no carbon footprint.

The initiative was given a green light last winter to proceed from feasibility study to pilot plant. Construction work is now starting and the plant is expected to be ready in 2020.

By starting to build the pilot plant, where we’ll develop and scale up the technology for fossil-free steel production, we’re taking an important step forward towards SSAB’s goal of being fossil-free by 2045. We’re proud of being part of an important and challenging technological shift that can result in our solving part of the climate issue, says Martin Lindqvist, President and CEO at SSAB.

HYBRIT has the potential to reduce Sweden’s total carbon dioxide emissions by ten per cent and has global potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This historical technological shift has been described as crucial if Sweden is going to be able to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

SSAB is a Nordic-based steel company that offers value added products and services developed in close cooperation with its customers to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

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