SH: Swedish Food Week at Freshmart Jingan

The last day of the Swedish Food Week is taking place today, May 28, at Freshmart in Jiu Gang department store at Jingan Tempel.
This is part of a program by Scandic Foods Asia to make more Scandinavian food producers interested in the Chinese market.
“We have worked with 3 regions in Sweden, Dalarna, Skåne and Västergötland to identify potential exporters, then we have trained them on Chinese food standards, preferences and import regulations, export documentation, financing and contracts, market structure and the finally gone through the import process in China. This is part of both a test marketing for the products and a training for the suppliers to understand the needs of the Chinese market say Per Linden, CEO of Scandic Foods Asia.,
The Freshmart supermarket was one of the earliest supermarkets to focus on imported foods and is a trend setter in the country.
The Swedish Food Week will continue until May 28. All products are currently offered with good discounts. The most successful products will be part of the regular assortment in the future. We encourage everybody to take the chance to come and support these companies for their success in China.

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