BJ: New R-Visa Regulations

Beijing, April 11 I SwedCham Beijing together with FESCO and 10 other Chambers organized a seminar to introduce the new R-Visa regulations that was implemented earlier this year. Representatives of the Beijing Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs was also present to present the R-visa and and how it will complement the work Z-visa. The R-visa is available to high-level talent, and eligible applicants for the R-visa must have the highly-skilled and specialized qualities that are urgently needed due to a short supply among Chinese employees. In general, the R-visa is issued to scientists, technological leaders or international entrepreneurs, who are needed for the Chinese economic and social development and accommodated to the market demand. A R-visa holder will be granted a visa with a validity period of 5 to 10 years with multiple entries and a R-visa can also make it easier to obtain a work permit later on.

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