BJ: Hung Huang – How Women Succeed in China

Beijing, April 26 2018 Ι Yesterday SwedCham Beijing hosted an inspiring sharp talk together with Hung Huang, also known as “the Oprah Winfrey of China”. She is an author, tv-host, producer, podcaster and CEO of China Interactive Media Group, and spoke of women situation in China today and female empowerment.

Hung Huang has more than twelve million followers on Weibo – and in 2011 she was included in Time magazine’s poll for their ‘100 Top Time Candidates’ for the most influential people worldwide. She has made a career out of bold statements and bold action and is an authoritative speaker with a hugely influential voice in Chinese culture.

During the seminar Hung Huang shared her own experiences from being a successful woman in China and talked about the importance of self-worth and the difference between economic liberalization and cultural and emotional liberalization. Without the later, Hung Huang said that there will never truly be a gender equal society.

To learn more about Hung Huang and to join her Better Life Club, please scan the QR-code below.

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