SH: Semmelfika with friends of SwedCham

Yesterday we invited some of our friends over for a real Swedish fika, to thank them for all of their contributions! 

The fika was provided by Swedish-style bakery Fika Sweden, who delivered home-made traditional Swedish semlor. 

A staple-food of Swedish desserts, the semla is a sweet wheat bun, cut in the middle, filled with sweet cream and marzipan paste, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. 

Even better, every year Sweden dedicates one day specifically for the yummy pastry, called Fettisdagen. In old times, the semla was usually only eaten specifically on that day, yet nowadays semlor are widely available in bakeries thorough out the year. This year Fettisdagen falls on February 13th, so make sure to mark your calendars! 🇸🇪☕

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