Business Sweden has released a new report on how to succeed in the world’s largest e-commerce market

Online shopping has simply become the norm in China. During 2017 70 % of the domestic retail growth came from online channels. As an international brand there are several challenges to adapt to if you want to succeed in Chinas unique online landscape.

Business Sweden has recently launched a new report that provides an in-depth introduction to China’s unique digital marketplace and offers hands-on guidance for Swedish SEM companies looking to enter the Chinese B2C e-commerce market.

The most significant difference between the Chinese online-market and the rest of the world is the extensive use of B2C-platforms. In China the majority of online purchases take place on a few well-established platforms, such as Alibaba, Taobao and T-mall. While in Sweden it is most common that consumers shop directly from the brand website or from ones favorite e-store.

Six-step plan from Business Swedens report

The report states that the most important thing when entering the e-commerce market in China is to understand the market and adapt to it. In order to facilitate that process Business Sweden has created a six-step guide to prepare and build a strategy for the Chinese e-commerce market that is shared in the rapport.

Business Sweden China has helped Swedish companies to reach their full potential in the China since 1994. They offer strategic and hands-on support in order to grow in what has become the world’s largest economy. Today Business Sweden has offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

Click here to read the full rapport and get ready to embark on the China e-commerce journey!

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