BJ: From Entry to CEO with Mr. Zhao Jinyan

On December 12 at Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing, SwedCham together with DCCC and Finnish Business Council, held our last event for 2017, where we were honoured to be visited by CEO of Velux China, Mr. Zhao Jinyan. Mr. Zhao Jinyan was invited to speak about his 20+ year journey within Velux where he advanced from Entry to CEO and lessons learnt on the way. He also talked about overcoming barriers between Scandinavian culture and the Chinese local team, which at times could cause misunderstandings and less effectiveness in the work supply chain. Responsibility, trust and honesty are most top three important principles for him at work, when overcoming these barriers. Or as Mr. Zhao Jinyan stated “If you are positive and hard-working, you will survive all challenges”.

The room was filled with happiness and laughers during his humours and down-to earth presentation. After the event, the participants waited in long queues for taking photos with him or getting his autograph. All the 35 participants, as well as the Chambers were very pleased and appreciated Mr. Zhao Jinyans presentation.

Together with former Ambassador to Denmark Mr. Liu Biwei and Mr. Zhao Jinyao

Looking forward to seeing you at our next Chinese CEO event!

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