BJ: 10 years of Sino-Swedish CSR cooperation

Counsellor and Head of the Economical Section Maisoun Jabali (right)

Last week Embassy of Sweden’s CSR centre celebrated 10 years of CSR cooperation between China and Sweden. The centre is unique in its kind and works to promote Sino-Swedish CSR cooperation through training, seminars, workshops and policy development.The CSR Centre was set up in 2010 as a result of two MoUs on CSR collaboration between Sweden and China from 2007 and 2009 respectively. The CSR Centre closely follows Sino-Swedish CSR developments and targets companies and organisations seeking knowledge and information exchange on the concept of CSR and how to implement it.

Presented during the event was the recently launched GoldenBee Research on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in China 2017. The report is based on collected Chinese and Foreign CSR reports and states that the general trend marks a stepwise improvement. The number of high-quality reports keeps rapid increase, with more than 25% of the reports achieving “good” rating and above during the last five years. Among other things it also states that Chinese enterprises pay more attention to the disclosure of CSR strategy and plan. Information about the seven stakeholders, namely customers, employees, environment, communities, shareholders, suppliers and government, is more sufficiently disclosed in business strategy, among which disclosure of communities is rising prominently.

For more info about Sino-Swedish CSR cooperation please visit the Sino-Swedish CSR centre’s website. We also recommend Business Sweden’s CSR toolkit for Swedish companies with suppliers in China and their CSR guide for Swedish companies across the world.

Exhibited was also practical examples from Swedish Companies CSR work in China. Here an example from our member company Tetra Pak.

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