Report on China’s 19th Party Congress produced by Six Year Plan


The time of China is far from over. The Chinese Communist Party has high ambitions for how the political and economic influence of China will develop over the coming years. A more expansive foreign policy and predictions for a continued strong economic development indicate that the importance of China and the Chinese market will continue to grow for Swedish and other international companies.” writes Managing Partner Pär Uhlin in new report compiled by our member company Six Year Plan on China’s 19th Party Congress. 

In the future Six Year Plan states that the following areas will will become increasingly important when operating in China:

  • China knowledge at headquarters 
    Close communication between the China organization and top management. The higher speed of development, comprehensive changes to legal framework and potentially stronger political involvement will most likely require more frequent updates of strategy and plans. The ability to take fast decisions will be crucial.
  • Actively engaging with authorities on standards and regulations
    A planned approach to public affairs, covering both monitoring of policy and regulatory development, and engagement through available platforms
  • Enforcement of company culture and code of conduct
    Companies active in China need to guide their staff on how to handle operational and ethical challenges

Follow the link to read the full executive summary on the CCP work report delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the opening of the congress, produced by Six Year Plan in cooperation with Sinologist Patrik Andersson.

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