BJ: Brutal Fight for One Billion Consumers

Yesterday the Peking University professor, best-selling author and speaker Jeffrey Towson was invited to host a sharp talk on rising Chinese Consumers and how they are impacting both the Chinese and global market. Towson spoke of excellent examples on how Chinese and foreign brands are merging due to customer demands, and recent spotted trends in the Chinese Consumer market. He left the audience with the only example that the professor still hasn’t figured out himself: Why does Starbucks not have a real competitor in China? Professor Towson encouraged everyone that might have an idea on this to contact him personally!

According to LinkedIn, Towson is one of the top three most followed business writers in China (+1.9M followers online). And is the #1 followed professor in China. His latest books the One Hour China Book, the One Hour China Contrarian and the One Hour China Consumer Book are Amazon best-sellers. Thank you professor Jeffrey Towson for your insightful talk and to all the participants for your interesting questions!

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